Here are the release dates for future products.  Check back often for updates!

HockeyRelease Date
2017-18 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey RetailNovember 15th
2017-18 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey RetailMarch 14th

BaseballRelease Date
2017 Topps Archives Signature SeriesOctober 25th
2017 Topps Five Star BaseballNovember 1st
2017 Topps Luminaries BaseballNovember 1st
2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Postseason BaseballNovember 8th
2017 Topps High Tek BaseballNovember 15th
2017 Panini Chronicles BaseballNovember 15th
2017 Topps Dynasty Baseball November 22nd
2017 Panini Chronicles BaseballNovember 22nd
2017 Panini Elite Extra Edition BaseballDecember 6th
2017 Bowman's Best BaseballDecember 20th
2018 Topps Series 1 BaseballJanuary 31st
2018 Topps Baseball Stickers and AlbumFebruary 28th
2018 Topps Heritage BaseballFebruary 28th
2018 Topps Opening Day BaseballMarch 14th
2018 Topps Inception BaseballMarch 21st

FootballRelease Date
2017 Panini Playoff FootballNovember 22nd

BasketballRelease Date
2017-18 Panini Hoops BasketballOctober 25th
2017-18 Panini Donruss BasketballNovember 11th
2017-18 Panini Ascension BasketballNovember 22nd

GamingRelease Date
Yu-Gi-Oh Circuit Break Booster October 20th
Force of Will Caster Chronicles BoosterOctober 20th
Pokemon Sun and Moon Crimson InvasionNovember 3rd
Yu-Gi-Oh Cyberse Link Structure DeckNovember 3rd
Yu-Gi-Oh Kaiba Collector's BoxNovember 17th
Pokemon Collectors Chest Shining LegendsNovember 17th
2017 Pokemon World Championship DecksNovember 17th
Yu-Gi-Oh Spirit Warriors BoosterNovember 17th
Yu-Gi-Oh Circuit Break Special EditionDecember 8th
Yu-Gi-Oh Wave of Light Structure DeckJanuary 19th
Yu-Gi-Oh Extreme Force BoosterFebruary 2nd


EntertainmentRelease Date
Upper Deck Alien the Original MovieNovember 15th
Supergirl Season 1November 15th
2017 Topps Star Wars High TekNovember 22nd
Topps The Walking Dead EvolutionNovember 29th
Star Trek BeyondDecember 13th
2018 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1January 17th
Wacky Packages Go to the MoviesMarch 14th


UFC, Nascar, Multi Sport, WWE, MLS, Misc
Release Date
2017 Topps WWE Now Then ForeverNovember 1st
2017 Star Wars MasterworkNovember 8th
2017 Topps UFC Museum CollectionNovember 8th
2017 Topps Legends of WrestlingNovember 22nd
2017 Topps Star Wars The Last JediDecember 20th
2018 Topps Road to WrestlemaniaJanuary 24th
2018 Topps Star Wars A New Hope Black and WhiteFebruary 14th




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