1 ) Who are you guys?

We're just a small group of guys who love to collect stuff!  We started out as collectors and because we love the hobby so much we decided to spread the joy at prices you will love!     We only buy from reputable distributors which means every case we get is factory sealed giving you the best chance at that big hit!  Our goal is to become the largest retailer of sports, non-sports and gaming boxes in Canada!

2 ) What do I gain from buying from you instead of the other guys?

We work hard to provide you with the best customer service, the lowest prices and shipping costs we can muster.  We also pride ourselves in our fast shipping!  If you are in Canada, there is no need to worry about high shipping costs, long waits, exchange rates, and possible brokerage fees from ordering outside of Canada.  What you see is what you will pay!

3 ) What am I going to pay to ship my order?

We carefully weigh and measure each product that we stock and connect directly to Canada Post upon checkout giving you exact shipping charges.  How cool is that?

4 ) What types of payments do you guys take?

We are proud to accept credit cards directly on our site, or if you prefer, you can pay with your PayPal account either by using Express or regular checkout.  We also now offer interac online!  We're also open to listening to other ways you'd like to pay, just give us a shout and let us know.

5 ) I'm looking for a product, but I don't see it on your website.  Can you guys get it for me?

Let us know the product you are looking for and we'll check with our supplier.  If we can get it, we'll price it and let you know the earliest you can have it in your hands. 

6 ) I noticed some products are listed as "PRESELL", what does that mean?

Presell means we have it reserved and we know when we'll get it, but it hasn't been released yet.  You can purchase your box at any time.   The downside is that you have to wait until after its release date to receive it.  By purchasing it early, you're guaranteed to receive the box shortly after release.   When you order presell, we'll keep you up to date on any manufacturer's delay.

7 ) You have so many great products that I want to order them all.  What if I order a PRESELL item with an item already in stock?

We do have lots of great products priced right, thanks!  When presell items are put in the same order as items in stock, shipping will occur only when the entire order is available. Please send us a note to request otherwise.

8 ) The Man says I have to pay taxes on things I buy, what do you think about this?

Yes, if you are buying a product in Canada for use in Canada, then you have to pay taxes on it.  Here is a breakdown on the taxes we collect:

Prince Edward Island:  14% HST
New Brunswick:  13% HST
Nova Scotia:  15% HST
Newfoundland: 13% HST
Quebec:  5% GST
Ontario: 13% HST
Manitoba: 5% GST
Saskatchewan:  5% GST
Alberta: 5% GST
British Columbia: 5% GST
Yukon: 5% GST
Northwest Territories: 5% GST
Nunavut: 5% GST

Outside of Canada:  No Taxes

9 ) I notice you have "Instant Checkout".  What's that?

Instant checkout is for visitors who have not yet registered with our site and wish to make a purchase without doing so.  If you have already registered, please log in upon checkout instead of doing express.  If you have problems with checkout, please send a note to support@canadacardworld.com.

10 ) What the heck is PayPal Express Checkout?

PayPal Express Checkout will allow you to connect directly with your PayPal account which will pass us back all your vital information such as name and address.  This saves you from having to set up a customer account with us and is a quicker way to pay.

11 ) How come I can't pre-order Upper Deck products anymore?  Will you be stocking them?

Upper Deck has instituted a policy stating that online stores will not be allowed to sell a new Upper Deck product for a period of 180 days after its release date.  Because of this, Canada Card World will not list Upper Deck products until after the waiting period.

12 ) I want FREE Shipping!  Gimme!

Whoa, hold on there fella!  You can get FREE shipping if you are shipping to an address in Canada, you order $249 dollars or more from us at once and you select Expedited Parcel Service upon checkout.  Enjoy!

13 ) What does "Special Order" mean?

Special order means that we currently don't have it in stock, but we'll be glad to order it in for you upon completed payment.  Special orders are subject to availability.  All special orders are final sales.




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2015-16 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Hobby Box
CAD$ 63.99    CAD$ 48.99  - CAD$ 15.00
2015-16 Leaf Metal Hockey Hobby Box
CAD$ 115.99    CAD$ 80.99  - CAD$ 35.00
2015-16 Leaf In The Game Heroes and Prospects Hockey Hobby Box
CAD$ 184.99    CAD$ 134.99  - CAD$ 50.00
2015-16 Leaf Genesis Hockey Hobby Box
CAD$ 169.99    CAD$ 124.99  - CAD$ 45.00
2013 Historic Autographs The Art of Baseball
CAD$ 139.99    CAD$ 109.99  - CAD$ 30.00
13/14 In The Game Enforcers 2 Hockey Hobby Box
CAD$ 59.99    CAD$ 39.99  - CAD$ 20.00
13/14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Hobby Box
CAD$ 79.99    CAD$ 59.99  - CAD$ 20.00
13/14 Upper Deck Team Canada Hockey Hobby Box
CAD$ 109.99    CAD$ 79.99  - CAD$ 30.00
2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball Hobby Box
CAD$ 549.99    CAD$ 499.99  - CAD$ 50.00
2014 Topps US Olympic Hopefuls Hobby Box
CAD$ 69.99    CAD$ 44.99  - CAD$ 25.00
2014 Topps MLS Soccer Hobby Box
CAD$ 109.99    CAD$ 89.99  - CAD$ 20.00
2014 Topps Finest Football Hobby Box
CAD$ 99.99    CAD$ 69.99  - CAD$ 30.00
2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Hobby Box
CAD$ 99.99    CAD$ 74.99  - CAD$ 25.00
2014-15 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey 24 Pack Box
CAD$ 79.99    CAD$ 64.99  - CAD$ 15.00
2014-15 Upper Deck Masterpieces Hockey Hobby Box
CAD$ 129.99    CAD$ 109.99  - CAD$ 20.00
Yu-Gi-Oh World Superstars 1st Edition Booster Box
CAD$ 79.99    CAD$ 69.99  - CAD$ 10.00
2016 Star Wars Masterwork Trading Cards Hobby Box
CAD$ 249.99    CAD$ 219.99  - CAD$ 30.00
Magic The Gathering 2012 Intro Pack: Blood and Fire
CAD$ 39.99    CAD$ 32.99  - CAD$ 7.00
2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Hobby Box
CAD$ 149.99    CAD$ 129.99  - CAD$ 20.00
2016 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box
CAD$ 149.99    CAD$ 129.99  - CAD$ 20.00
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