Hobby News – The Saturday Edition – 2012/02/18

Feb 18, 2012

From Topps:

The Topps Golden Giveaway website is now. Featuring die-cut cards, high-end prizes, and digital coins to collect and trade, the site will be similar to the 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway and 2011 Topps Diamond Giveaway. The major difference is that this promotion will not feature vintage cards which was the main drawing point of the previous promotions.

Redemption cards are available within packs of 2012 Topps Series 1, 2012 Topps Series 2, and 2012 Topps Update Series Baseball. Falling 1:6 hobby packs and one per jumbo pack, Topps Golden Giveaway code cards encourage collectors to gather virtual tokens which can eventually be turned into prizes. Also available are exclusive die-cut Golden Moments cards and rare base set parallels embedded with 14K gold.

Redemption code cards will expire on January 31, 2013. According to Topps, Golden Moments cards are unlocked 1:15 codes. Gold foil Golden Moments cards are 1:200 codes and one-of-one 14k Gold Golden Moments cards are 1:20,000 codes.

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