Kobe Bryant once again tops the NBA’s list of most popular jerseys, where he has been the top dog since the start of the 2008-09 season. The list is based on sales at the NBA Store in New York City and on NBAStore.com since the start of the 2009-10 NBA season through April 2010. Both stores are having record sales years with a combined increase of 20 percent over last year.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James remains No. 2 and the Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett climbed one spot from last year to No. 3. Chicago Bulls sophomore Derrick Rose continues to make a name for himself, coming in at No. 4, while the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard rounds out the top 5. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant debuts in the top 10 for the first time, landing at No. 9, while the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony moves from No. 15 to No. 10. Tyreke Evans, just chosen as the NBA Rookie of the Year, did not make the list.

High demand for Los Angeles Lakers merchandise continues, as the team tops the NBA’s list of most popular merchandise. Lakers merchandise has been the most popular for seven out of the last eight seasons. The Celtics remain in the No. 2 spot, where they’ve been since the start of the 2008-09 season. The Cleveland Cavaliers, the Chicago Bulls, and the New York Knicks round out the top 5.

Not only an indicator of merchandise popularity, this listing gives an index of player and team popularity for collectors. Nate Robinson, Derrick Rose, and David Lee rank surprisingly high but as collectors know, many times a team will outrank a player. When a team with a massive fan base lacks a superstar, the fan favourite, although not a well-known player league-wide, will be collected at a surprising pace.

Top 15 Most Popular NBA Jerseys: Top 10 Most Popular Team Merchandise:
1. Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers 1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. LeBron James, Cleveland 2. Boston Celtics
3. Kevin Garnett, Boston 3. Cleveland Cavaliers
4. Derrick Rose, Chicago 4. Chicago Bulls
5. Dwight Howard, Orlando 5. New York Knicks
6. Dwyane Wade, Miami 6. Denver Nuggets
7. Chris Paul, New Orleans 7. Orlando Magic
8. Paul Pierce, Boston 8. Miami Heat
9. Kevin Durant, OC Thunder 9. San Antonio Spurs
10. Carmelo Anthony, Denver 10. Phoenix Suns
11. Nate Robinson, Boston
12. David Lee, New York
13. Brandon Roy, Portland
14. Pau Gasol, LA Lakers
15. Rajon Rondo, Boston
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Do you believe?

29 April 2010

After the Montreal Canadiens pushed aside the Washington Capitals, it’s hard not to believe.  Sometimes the long shots win. It’s a rare occasion when the #8 seed defeats the best team in the NHL in a seven game series but, in the grand scheme, that’s why they play the game. Because anything can and most definitely will happen.

As collectors, regardless of the odds, we always hope for that one impossible card. The card we see in the previews before the release date. The card that we might just pull from a pack one day. It’s one of the reasons why we open packs.

It’s obviously not the only reason we open packs but it is a bonus. Now I’m not talking about short-printed cards. With the increase in the number of high-end products over the past five years, short-printed cards are becoming less rare. Packs of ITG Superlative and UD’s The Cup contain numerous short-printed cards. What I am talking about is that card which makes you so excited that you shake.

The chances of pulling that Gordie Howe/Wayne Gretzky dual autograph and a dual patch card of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are slim at best. But it’s the chase that keeps many collectors in the game. Most collectors have a ‘white whale’ which they hope to land one day. The key is to stay in the game.

Enjoy the hobby. Have fun. Keep the dream alive. Whether high-end, mid-level, or entry-level, virtually every release has at least one of those certain cards which someone will eventually pull.

Montreal has proven that odds mean nothing. Take a chance and the rewards may be yours.

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As Panini starts to put their stamp on the hobby, it’s become more and more like a resurrection from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  The popular Crown Royale design of the past will be brought back in 2010 Crown Royale Basketball with each common featuring an etched crown die-cut.

Also featured is a 10-card LeBron James “King On His Court” insert with material and prime material versions saluting 10 great moments in King James’ career. As LeBron James makes his annual assault on the NBA Championship, these cards are sure to be high on set collectors lists.

Also find on-card Rookie Autographs (numbered to 449) and on-card Majestic Signatures autographs from the youngest and some of the greatest players in the NBA.  The die-cut is back with a vengeance with 2010 Panini Crown Royale.

2010 Panini Crown Royale Basketball will be released on June 23, 2010.  Each case will contain 12 boxes with 4 packs per box and 7 cards per pack. If you are interested in pre-ordering 2010 Crown Royale Basketball please visit Canada Card World.

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In The Game has just released the checklist for the “He Shoots, He Saves” Between The Pipes redemption program.  Redemption points cards can be found inserted in all packs of 2009-10 Between The Pipes except those that contain memorabilia cards. Every “He Shoots, He Saves” redemption card is worth one point. Accumulating 200 redemption points makes collectors eligible to receive a special game-used memorabilia card not available in packs.

Each redemption card will feature a swatch of game-worn memorabilia from the players listed on the checklist below. There will be 30 of these special Between the Pipes game-used memorabilia cards and each will be individually hand-numbered out of 20. These cards will be sealed in ITG memorabilia card holders.

HSHS Special Memorabilia Cards Checklist

1 Martin Brodeur

2 Patrick Roy

3 Pelle Lindbergh

4 Jacques Plante

5 Felix Potvin

6 Marc-Andre Fleury

7 Ryan Miller

8 Patrick Roy

9 Vladislav Tretiak

10 Dominik Hasek

11 Miikka Kiprusoff

12 Roberto Luongo

13 Ed Belfour

14 Ron Hextall

15 J-S Giguere

16 Cedric Desjardins/Carey Price

17 Chet Pickard/Pekka Rinne

18 Jonathan Bernier/Terry Sawchuk

19 Tuukka Rask/Miikka Kiprusoff

20 Semyon Varlamov/Evgeni Nabokov

21 Jimmy Howard/Chris Osgood

22 Jake Allen/Roberto Luongo

23 Jacob Markstrom/Pelle Lindbergh

24 Olivier Roy/Grant Fuhr

25 Mike Murphy/Cam Ward

26 JP Anderson/Martin Brodeur

27 Brian Elliott/Dominik Hasek

28 Carey Price/Patrick Roy

29 Jonathan Quick/Rogie Vachon

30 Calvin Pickard/Martin Brodeur

2009-10 In The Game’s Between The Pipes hobby boxes are currently available at Canada Card World.
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With the 2010 NFL Draft in the books, it is now time to focus on the new players which have become part of your favourite team. Whether it’s Sam Bradford heading to the St. Louis Rams or C.J. Spiller joining the Buffalo Bills, collectors now have new rookies to gather.

The new 2010 Donruss Prestige Football brings many of the future stars of the NFL to a store near you. The first official NFL rookies from the class of 2010 complete with autographed versions to 299 or less will be available next month.

Other highlights include NFL Draft Class NFL Shield Logos featuring a trapped, autographed, embroidered 2010 NFL Shield Logo patch numbered to 10 or less. Collectors will also be hoping to pull Collegiate Lettermen featuring an autograph within a letter of a top rookie’s last name from the Class of 2010.

Look for four memorabilia or autograph cards, 24 Rookies, 2 Extra Points Gold, 1 Extra Points Red, 3 Draft Picks Light Blue, 1 Stars of the NFL, 1 Connections, 1 league Leaders, 1 TD Sensations, 1 NFL Draft, 4 Others (on average).

2010 Donruss Prestige Football will be released on May 13, 2010.  Each box will contain 24 packs with 8 cards per pack.

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